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Hawk-Metal video section online!
05 Apr 2005
After some time video section is again online! This time, clean from broken links. There are few new videos added, but expect more in near future. I hope you'll find something for yourself also. Enjoy!

Added photos from Kreator/Dark Tranquillity concert
10 Feb 2005
In photo gallery are added photos from concert on which played Kreator, Dark Tranquillity, Ektomorf, Hatesphere in Zagreb, Croatia (03.02.). I hope you like them!

As you can see, new forum is doing quite well, so once again, I invite you to join our community & share the talks, discussions & jokes with us.

It's finally here...
04 Feb 2005
Here it is, it's finally here. I got so many questions when will webzine be online, & now, it is online! Let's enumerate some of the changes on Hawk-Metal. First thing you noticed is the new design. In the design, I tried to merge modern design with metal (evil people would say us metalheads don't know what is modern, well to make that statement wrong...). I hope you like the new design. Further, whole webzine has been precoded in order to achieve better functionality & speed. You surely noticed that pages open in matter of few seconds...

Important changes happened also in "Links" section. That section is now generated from database in which all links are stored, & good & practical thing is that after you enter some category (ex. Metal bands), you can add your own link over the script (warning: I still have to aprove links, if I do, then link will show up inside the directory, with that I want to secure the directory from not welcome content such as links to porn sites etc).

One more new section has been made, under title "Concerts". In this section you can find informations about upcoming concerts, where will it happen etc. If you know for some upcoming concert which is not listed, please send me the details about it & I'll add it.

About the forum, I'll update you with more informations in day or two when forum will also be ready to continue its work from where it stoped, as you probably know, forum was offline for about 20 days because of the security issues, but now, forum is upgraded & it features many more new options than the last version. More informations in next update.

Some parts of webzine are still unavailable (for ex. Videos). Reason for it is I'm filtering all dead links to videos & adding new ones inside. Same thing is for winamp skins. I have prepared over 250 metal winamp skins, & it takes some time to add all of them on the web (I'm also a human & I need to sleep right ;)). Wallpapers will take their place in "Gallery" in few days, as I need to upload them first inside. There will be many wallpapers, so be sure to check it out when they are up.

We got few new members in Hawk-Metal team. Say Hello! to Isus, Prison, Slym & Phantom Agony, & our foreign reporter, Lord Dagon. We hope to have long & quality cooperation with them.

For the end of first update, I want to thank all of you who visit Hawk-Metal, honestly, before 2 years when I started this project, I couldn't imagine that it'll find such support for it's work in Croatia & world. Hawk-Metal in only 2 years of existence had over 150 000 unique visitors, which is really incredible number, & that is why we'll continue to work even better & harder in future so we can offer more content & information to you. Thanks to all concert organizers & others who support our work & makes up possible to write reports from concerts & publish informations about them. We hope that the good cooperation will remain in the future aswell.

So much for first update! New update will arrive shortly, so don't forget to check out this section of webzine :)