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All material on webpages of is copyright 2003 © by Hawk-Metal webzine, excluding promotional material - mp3 & video, & some skins & wallpapers which aren't the ownership of author of this website. Copying, reproducing or showing materials is not allowed without without written permission from the author/owner of the website & author/owner of materials showed on website.

Names of companies & products found on Hawk-Metal webzine belong strictly to their owners & it's possible they are protected with trademark.

All rights reserved.


Hawk-Metal webzine cannot be held responsible for missuse of it's content by its visitors. Visitors are solely responsible for their actions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Can I download for free mp3's & videos which are presented here on webzine?
Yes, but please notice, mp3's & videos presented on this website are not hosted on our server, so Hawk-Metal webzine doesn't find itself responsible for eventual using of the material or any harm the material may cause you. All material presented here is in purpose of promotion of metal music.

2. Can I join the forum?
Of course, we invite you to join our community. But we ask that you follow the rules of the forum presented in "Rule Book", because if you violate them, you may be suspended temporary from reaching the forum, or banned permanently.

3. Why I can't add pictures in the gallery?
If you want that some pictures are added in gallery, please send them on e-mail & if they are ok, they will be added.

4. I added a link in "Links" section, but it's not showing. Is that an error or?
Every link submitted has to be verified by webmaster to show up in "Links", that a measure of protection that not wanted links don't show up inside "Links". We want to give you the best service possible, so please understand.

5. I sent application for free mail, & I still haven't got an answer.
Every request for free mail is manually checked, & if your request is approved, your e-mail will be manually created. This process can take up to 2 weeks. If you still haven't got the reply after that period, please contact webmaster.

6. Why is my application for free mail denied?
Reasons for your request can be found many, but most common ones are badly written application or not enough good reason for getting free mail.

7. Can I write new application for free mail?
Yes, but please write better application & reason for free mail, cause we will not accept your application just because you want it so bad. Since we offer the service for free, & we have to pay for resources you use, we at least require that you write a decent application & reason for getting this service for free.

8. I want to add a link to Hawk-Metal webzine on my website. Is that ok?
Of course, we have also prepared several banners which you can use on your website for that cause. We just ask that you save the banner on your website & not link it directly from Hawk-Metal.

9. I want to write a comment about Hawk-Metal webzine. Where can I do that?
Search in menu for Guestbook, you can write there all your comments.

10. I want to cooperate with Hawk-Metal webzine. Can that be managed?
If you want to cooperate with Hawk-Metal webzine, please send us an e-mail on

11. I want to sponsor or donate money/product to Hawk-Metal webzine. How can I do that?
Please send us an e-mail to & we'll talk about it & make some deal.

12. I want to advertise on Hawk-Metal Which are conditions for it?
Please click on "Marketing" in menu, you'll get all the informations & guides there.

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