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 Post subject: No Sign Of Life Label/Webshop, check it out!
PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:24 pm 

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No sign of life is proud to present our new webshop at -> shop! It is secured online ordering system
with shopping basket, including up-to-date stock info, all the covers,
shirt designs + infos of the items and you can pay your orders directly
through bank transfer or paypal without waiting for postage infos etc.
Of course if shopping basket is not your cup of tea you can always just
order through e-mail -> or download our
catalogue in .pdf format! You can also use the basket without

From now on ALL OUR CD prices include PRIORITY AIRMAIL WORLDWIDE!!!
(Suomessa KAIKKI hinnat sisältävät postikulut poislukien isot 10" ja 12"
vinyylit tai hupparit!!)

More stuff is added daily so keep checking often enough to not to miss
your favourite UG gems...

No Sign of Life has been around plaguing the world with UG Metal for over 10 years now. We are a fast and reliable distro/label, delivering you most of the Underground jewels VINYL/CD/SHIRT/’ZINE/ETC., DEATH/BLACK/DOOM/HEAVY/SPEED/THRASH/ETC., new releases and also some older cults.

Here are our own releases for you to check out:

NSOL 007 CD DENIAL OF GOD: The Dawn of Aemizaez: demos 1992-1993

After several problems with covers & other delays NO SIGN OF LIFE is
proud to present a special release which celebrates the DOG forces
now going stronger than EVER! After countless requests for the old
and deleted demos "Oscularium Infame" (1992) and "The Dawn of
Aemizaez" (1993) these have been released on one CD finally.
The CD contains the complete demos completely remastered at Berno
Studio for optimal sound quality, it features all lyrics, linear
notes by both Azter and Ustumallagam, lots of rare and previously
unseen photos presented in a neat 16 page booklet with silver prints.
NSOL 006 CD UTGARD: Thrones and Dominions CD

No Sign of Life is proud to present the new album from the Mighty Finnish Black Metal warriors Utgard! This is their second full-lenght album after well over ten years working in the shadows of the deepest Finnish Underground. Feelings of Might, strenght and sometimes also despair and longing for times past are awoken by this opus of Black Metal from the misty lakes and dark woods of Central-Finland. Utgard plays their Black Metal in the mid 90ies Finnish BM vein still having their own distinct sound.


Primordials legendary demotape from 1993 + two live tracks from the same year pressed onto Picture Disk. Great design done by Helgorth from Babalon Graphics. Limited to 500 copies, get yours before its too late! LAST 5 COPIES EVER!!!

NSOL 004 DENIAL OF GOD: The Horrors of Satan CD

NSOL is proud to announce a pact made with the Darkest of the Devils advocates: Denial of God from Denmark! The first work of this Unholy pact is ”The Horrors of Satan” CD. Licensed from Horror Records/DOG, official re-release. This piece of Horror Metal comes with a 16 page booklet. This band should need no further introduction.

Between the two harsher releases, October Falls releases an all acoustic MCD, Sarastus, which continues the same path that Tuoni and Marras started. Those not familiar with the earlier acoustic works can expect something in the vein of old Ulver, Empyrium etc.

NSOL 002 URN: Dawn of the Devastation LP/CD/TS
"The Dawn has arisen.. in DEVASTATION!! Nuclear Hellhorde URN have returned with a new full-lenght onslaught! They are back, heavy as Hell, storming with crushing old school Black Trashing Metal and even better than ever before! No mercy for posers, harness your bulletbelts, spikes and leather, lock and load, aim.. DEVASTATE!!!"

NSOL 001 URN: 666 megatons DCD/LP(Sold out)

Finally available again. Mighty old school black / thrash metal blasphemers Urn’s debut album re-released. Damnation records released this in 500 copies in 2001 and the promised vinyl version was never published at all. Before the limited vinyl version that finally will see the light of the day, the remixed CD-version is re-introduced because of the high demand. Includes also a bonus video disc (should work in most of the DVD players and PCs) with a gig of URN at Tampere last year. The video CD contains 11 songs and is edited professionally. Check out this mighty Finnish hellbangin' act now!!


Thunder 001 Cast Iron: Leather & Metal 12” MLP/MCD
CAST IRON plays true Heavy Metal the way it should be, uncompromising, raw and honest, with a sense for melody and catchy riffs. Taking influence from the glorious old-school Metal Gods, classic NWOBHM acts and also more obscure and forgotten masters of Metal, they set to deliver an alternative for the polished and soulless mainstream metal scene, but also for those who think the current underground maybe too focused on Black or Death/Thrash Metal. Heavy Metal or no Metal at all!!! This debut release marks the birth of a great pact between two new & strong forces of Metal: ThunderKnights records and Cast Iron! We will triumph! Four killer METAL tracks, A fist in the face of all the posers! Same songs as on the CD version. Comes with improved lay-out + insert. Limited to 500 copies, will be sold quickly!

Below are some of the newest additions including many interesting items you can
find + order from the shop too.

Muerte Al Metal Falso,

Team No Life

MAILORDER UPDATES (new releases of Hells Headbangers, Werewolf records;
Drowning the light, Hammer, killer shirts etc.:



SHIRTS colour prints, see the pictures @ our shop <> :

*Morbid: December Moon TS
18,00EUR *

*Blasphemy: Gods of War TS (S-M,
XL) 18,00EUR*

*Beherit: Drawing down the Moon TS
(M-L) 18,00EUR *

*Morbid: Dead/Wings of Funeral TS
(M-XL) 18,00EUR *

*CDS: *

*A**rchgoat: The Light Devouring darkness
CD 13,00EUR*

brand new album from the finnish goat worshippers.

*Drowning the Light: The Blood of the ancients
CD 12,00EUR *

The Dark story continues to rage as your blood will stir and the
darkness will triumph.* *Drowning the Light continues to pave a blacker
future and keeps the spirit of the old alive.* *

*Hammer: Shoax

12,00EUR *

Solid and hateful new rising black metal star from Finland. Recommended!

*Xibalba: **A**h Dzam poop Ek

Mexican cult black metal. Check it out.

*Mayhem/Thou Shalt Suffer: Split
12,00EUR *

includes: THOU SHALT SUFFER: adv MLP 1992 & ep 1991, MAYHEM: Promo 1990,
rehearsals 1990 + adv track for LP 1993.

*Blood Red Fog/Funerary Bell: Split
12,00EUR *

brand new split cd from two Finnish black metal groups. Good stuff.
Funerary Bell with Utgard members.

*Nefandus: Death Holy Death
12,00EUR *

Already kult Swedish Orthodox Death metal re-released! Satanic
Propaganda records 2009.

*Sigh: Imaginary Sonicscapes,
13,00EUR *

Originally released in 2001, Sighs Imaginary Sonicscape is the Japanese
avant-garde black metal groups most psychedelic and exotic album.
Featuring cover art by Stephen OMalley (SUNN O))), Southern Lord
Records), this reissue is Imaginary Sonicscape as it was originally
conceived by the band, introducing two songs cut from the original
release. Remastered by James Murphy!**

*Ulver: Shadows of the sun,

Great sorrow from the Norwegian legends ULVER. Music driven to despair,
all sad and solitary, written and produced under the threat of
extinction. SHADOWS OF THE SUN, is ULVERs 7th full-length album, the
band's most personal record to date. Low-key, dark, and tragic.**

*Nokturnal Mortum: Nechrist,

one of the Best ukrainian NS band. US version of this excellent album.

*Dissection: Storm of the Lights Bane,
CD 13,00EUR*

The ultimate re-issue of this timeless majestic black metal classic.
Absolutely essential!!!**

*Dissection: Reinkaos,


The legendary Swedish underground metal pioneers triumphantly return to
the metal scene after 11 years!
Reinkaos is a masterpiece of ritualistic and black magical concepts best
described as Anti-Cosmic Metal Of Death.**

*Nuit Noire: Infantile Espieglery, CD

Second full-length album from one of France's strangest, weirdest black
metal exports.* *

*Seth: LExcellence


Seths LExcellence expands the bands sound with violent and blistering
guitar work and brutal drumming. French black metal. Comes in a digipak.**

*Manowar: Gods of


Death to False Metal. All hail Manowar!* *

*Leviathan**/Sapthuran CD

The inimitable and prolific Leviathan offers tracks exclusively recorded
for this split, featuring the one-man entity's first time with real
drums (previous recordings used machine-supplied percussives). And then
Sapthuran finishes things off with a blast of lo-fi raw hell.**

*Entombed: Monkey puss, live

CD version of this live show recorded on the 'Clandestine' tour. The
Swedish gods live in their prime!**

*Voivod: Katorz,


Katorz is a remarkable record even for VOIVOD. It churns, twists, and
turns as one would expect from this band, but also comes from the heart
in respect to the awesome talent that was Denis DAmour.**

*Ritual Carnage: I, infidel,

Latest album. In the veins of earlier TESTAMENT albums.**

*Phazm: **A**ntebellum Death N Roll,

Groovy guitars, Voodoo atmosphere, Huge sounds for this Black'n'Roll
masterpiece !**

*Phazm: Hate at first Seed,

Great mix of Death, Black and rock'n roll.**

*Green Carnation: The quiet offspring,
CD 12,00EUR*

Building on the sound they forged on A Blessing In Disguise, Green
Carnation's fourth album,The Quiet Offspring, sees them expanding on
both of their strong points: ultra-catchy straightforward metallic rock
songs (the kind Metallica should be writing!) and spacious, melodic
prog-metal tunes that are epic and beautiful. Another fine piece of work
from one of Norway's leading bands in the progressive metal field.**

*Green Carnation: The **A**coustic Verses
CD 12,00EUR*

Norwegian metal band Green Carnation take a decidedly less-traveled road
with their all-acoustic release THE ACOUSTIC VERSES, which features
similar blistering riffs and awesome guitar shredding to their previous
albums, QUIET OFFSPRING and ... Full Description

OF DARKNESS--only much, much quieter. A particular highlight is the
three-part opus, 9-24-045, which blends intricately woven melodies and
technical brilliance in a magical musical tapestry.**

*Devils Whorehouse: Revelation Unorthodox,
Cd 12,00EUR*

/Swedish killer Death Rock in the spirit of Misfits/Samhain! /


* *

*EVIL **A**RMY - Evil **A**rmy CD
12,00EUR *

Some of the very best real thrash around these days! Not to be lumped in
with the latest craze of crappy thrash polluting the underground.
Features 13 tracks of demonic driven speed metal with a raw hardcore
attitude. For fans of old SLAYER, D.R.I., old METALLICA ("Kill 'Em All"
era). GET THIS!

*NUNSL**A**UGHTER - DemoSlaughter DOUBLE CD w/special packaging
15,00EUR *

The black prayers of Devil Metal worshippers have finally been
answered... At last, for the first time ever, all 6 of the cult demo
recordings now gathered together as a single release entitled
"DEMOSlaughter". Each of these long-sold out recordings were previously
only been available as individual cassettes & 7" EPs with very limited
circulation throughout their 22-year history. Also included exclusively
for this release, obscure rehearsals and the 1985 demo from DEATH
SENTENCE (pre-NunSlaughter) all of which have never been heard before.

"DEMOSlaughter" showcases the chronicle evolution of the band from the
very embryonic stages of them unleashing the rawest and most chaotic
death metal of the mid- eighties to a gradual escalation of their very
own unique genre known today as "Devil Metal".

Released as a deluxe DOUBLE CD (2-disc) set with 32-page book archiving
the original artwork and photos alongside commentary from founding
member Don of the Dead. 56 songs in total with a running time of almost
2 hours

*A**TOMIZER - Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt 12" Gatefold LP
w/ Book 17,00EUR *

*A**TOMIZER - Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt , CD 12,00EUR *

All copies come in a noble Glossy Gatefold cover with 20 page 12" LP
size book. The bleakest, most powerful ATOMIZER offering, completely
evolved and removed from the conjurations of any other thrash or black
metal outputs of today. The band has stripped down their already
well-known style and dejected the atomic metal power with a dismal
aggression full of depth and gritty catchiness backed by a strong murky
production, compliments of Kurt Ballou (Converge). In addition to the
radical audio and superb gloom packaging, guest contributions have been
made by drummer Sean Cummiskey (Astriaal), Iscariah (ex-Immortal, Dead
To This World) and Yasuyuki (Abigail, Barbatos).

*SH**A**CKLES - Traitors Gate 12" Gatefold LP w/
Insert 16,00EUR *

*SH**A**CKLES - Traitors Gate
12,00EUR *

After several years of anticipation, the chain gang finally returns with
their debut album which is sure to become a timeless classic! Ruthlessly
headbanging Supreme Sydney deaththrash in a similar alliance as their
old country mates Slaughter Lord, Armoured Angel, Hobbs' Angel Of Death,
Destroyer 666, etc. A must for those who crave the Australian sound
and/or the old style of black thrashing metal of death!


*Svarti Loghin: Empty world
13,00EUR *

Svarti Loghin are destined to become the Swedish point of reference for
words like skillfull, emotive and depressive Black Metal. The gloomy
atmosphere of their debut leads to progressive territories and to strong
disharmonic and melodic vibrations. Empty Wold is the anti-modern anthem
which sophistication is the feeling of the music itself instead of any
sort of instrumental joy. Empty World is like a twilight gradually
covering Midgard, the demonstration that Scandinavia has still something
unique to offer to the Black Metal and obscure music scene more in
general. The awesome songwriting can sometimes recalls the darker
feeling of Forgotten Woods' "The Curse of Mankind" or younger bands like
early Alcest but it's something beyond. Attractive like nature but in
the meantime deadly "Empty World" is the hard cider that will lead to
watch the last breath of this vanishing world.**

*Trist: Sebevrazedni **A**ndele

Remixed and improved (still bloody raw) version with different artwork
of the sold-out first press of this cult statement of self-infliction
act of deep-ression, shortly become a point of reference for those into
Depressive Black metal.**

*Trancelike Void: Destroying Something Beautiful
CD 12,00EUR*

Son of the hallucinated introspection, nights longer than life,
wandering in a cemetery soul, this project is a poisoned chemistry of
Depressive Black Metal and hypnotic negativity. Don¡¯t expect anyway
today¡¯s bed-room bands but real project instrumentally human of an
individual tremendously aware of the material limits and the body-cage.
Let the void manifest, Those who are into the early Shining material
will submit to this self-destruction.**

*Janus: Vega


After their brilliant debut album "Fulgures", JANVS' "Vega" represents
another big step forward for the band who managed to realize its most
musically and lyrically complex, rich and unpredictable work so far. An
eclectic and intense effort which goes beyond any easy definition of
musical genre. "Vega" consists of 7 new songs for almost 50 minutes of
music and includes important contributions from various guest musicians.
Starting from the basis of the milestone "Fulgures", the progressive
influence showed before by the band becomes clearer and stronger
culminating into an haunting visionary form of expression. Giving voice
to a constant quest, to the fiery longing for a lost point of reference
which constantly glimpses through the ever storming sea of the flowing
eras, "Vega" lets the potential dispayed by the band in the previous
release finally bloom, confirming JANVS as one of the most deep and
unique acts in the current independent scene.

 Post subject: Re: No Sign Of Life Label/Webshop, check it out!
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Latest additions to our list:

Tormentor (Hun) - Vlad Tepes T-Shirt 17.00EUR
Barbatos (Jpn) - Street Metal Alcoholocaust CD 2008 12.00EUR
Barbatos (Jpn) - Live At Factory DVD 2009 15.00EUR
Battle Dagorath (USA) - Eternal Throne CD 2009 12.00EUR
V/A - My Own Wolf: A New Approach to ULVER Digi 2xCD 15.00EUR
Trist (Ger) - Willenskraft DigiCD 2009 13.00EUR
ColdWorld (Ger) - Melancholie² CD 2008 12.00EUR
Mourning Beloveth (Ire) - A Disease for the Ages CD 2008 12.00EUR
Mael Mórdha (Ire) - Gealtacht Mael Mórdha CD 2007 12.00EUR
Longing for Dawn (Can) - Between Elation and Despair CD 2009 12.00EUR
Longing for Dawn (Can) - A Treacherous Ascension CD 2007 12.00EUR
Hjarndaudi (Nor/Swe) - Pain:Noise:March CD 2009 12.00EUR
Lifelover (Swe) - Konkurs CD 2008 13.00EUR
Dark Space (CH) - I CD 2006 12.00EUR
Den Saakaldte (Nor/Swe) - All Hail Pessimism CD 2009 13.00EUR
Begrime Exemious (Can) - Set Ablaze The Kingdom of Abraham MCD 2 10.00EUR
Evoked Curse (Fin) - Merciless Revenge CD 2009 12.00EUR
BEHEXEN: My Soul For His Glory, gatefold LP 15.00EUR
Imindain (UK) and the living shall envy the dead -2008 CD 12.00EUR
Hordagaard (Nor) Trollskap -2008 DIGICD 12.00EUR
Hildr Valkyrie (Gre) Shield Brothers Of Valhalla -2008 CD 12.00EUR
Heretic (Ned) Black Metal Holocaust -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Hellwitch/Storming Steels (USA/Mal) The Twin Bestial Forces -200 12.00EUR
Hellspirit (Fin) Demo II -2006 CD-R 6.00EUR
Helheim (Nor) Kaoskult DIGICD 12.00EUR
Hel (Ger) Tristheim -2007 digicd 12.00EUR
Havoc Unit/...and Oceans/The Sin:Decay (Fin) Synaesthesia (The r 12.00EUR
Havoc (Mex) Elimination Process -2008 CD 12.00EUR
Hate Forest (Ukr) Gates CD 12.00EUR
Hadez (Peru) ...From the Graves -2005 CD 12.00EUR
Ars Moriendi (Fra) - L'Oppression du Rien CD 2008 12.00EUR
Medievil (Blr) - Atruta CD 2006 5.00EUR
Knell (Ukr) - Among Eternal Chills CD 2006 10.00EUR
Chur (Ukr) - Brother Wind CD 2008
Vo Skorbyah (Rus) - Vo Skorbyah CD 2007 12.00EUR
V/A Fueled by Metal CD 2009 12.00EUR
PAGAN RITES (swe) - Hellcome Back From Hell CD 2009 12.00EUR
Urn (Fin) Soul Destroyers -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Ulver (Nor) Lyckantropen Themes cd 12.00EUR
Ulver (Nor) Blood Inside -2005 cd 12.00EUR
Ulver (Nor) A Quick Fix of Melancholy -2003 mcd 10.00EUR
Sotajumala (Fin) Teloitus -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Sigh (JPN) Hangmans Hymn -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Sigh (Jpn) Gallows Gallery -2005 cd 12.00EUR
Shackles (Aus) Coup de Grace cd 12.00EUR
Northern Blaze #2 - Irish Black Metal special 2008 5.00EUR
Molphar(Ukr) - Lake of Fire CD 2008 12.00EUR
Raventhrone (Blr) - Tenyu Skvoz' Smert' CD 2008 12.00EUR
Druzhina (Rus) - Echoes of Distant Battles CD 2008 12.00EUR
VENUSPULS (Ger) "Herzschlag Des Endzeit—Architekten" CD 2009 12.00EUR
Kladovest (Ukr) - Kladovest DigiCD 2008 12.00EUR
Drevo (Rus) - Velitsie CD 2008 12.00EUR
Prevalent Resistance (Fin) - Eternal Return CD 2008 12.00EUR
Gravewurm/Hekseri (USA/USA) Split -2007 CD 12.00EUR
Graveland (Pol) Drunemeton CD 12.00EUR
Gospel of the Horns (Aus) Sinners/Monuments of Impurity -2008 DI 13.00EUR
Gospel of the Horns (Aus) Realm of the Damned -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Gomorrah (USA) Gomorrah -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Funereal Moon (Mex) Beneath the cursed Light of a Spectral Moon 11.00EUR
Funeral Moth (JPN) Funeral Moth -2008 mcd 10.00EUR
Fullmoon (Pol) United Aryan Evil -2005 cd 12.00EUR
Flegethon (Rus) Behind a Side of Times -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Flagellum Dei (Por) Under the Might... -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Evilnasty (Ita) Necromaniac Blood -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Endless Dismal Moan (JPN) Ruin -2007 CD 12.00EUR
Elite (Nor) We Own the Mountains -2008 CD 12.00EUR
Dragobrath (Ukr) Scripture of the Woods -2006 CD 12.00EUR
Dragobrath (Ukr) And Mountains Openeth Eyes... -2008 CD 12.00EUR
Dodsferd (Gre) Denying with Arrogance your Pathetic Existence -2 12.00EUR
Diapsiquir (Fra) Virus STN CD 12.00EUR
Devilry (Fin) Stormbolt -2006 MCD 9.00EUR
Devil Lee Rot (Swe) The Devil Has Landed -2005 cd 12.00EUR
Der Stürmer/Totenburg (Gre/Ger) Split -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Devilry (Fin) Rites for the Spring of Supremacy -2008- CD
Desaster (Ger) Angelwhore -2005 CD
Denial of God (Den) A Night in Transylvania -2006 MCD
DEN SAAKALDTE (Swe) Øl, mørke og depresjon -2008 cd
Devil Doll (Slo) Dies Irae -2007 cd
Funerary Call (Can) Sickness Falling LP
Havohej (USA) Dethrone the Son of God -2007 LP
Heretic (Ned) Black Metal Holocaust -2008 LP
Homicide (Ger) Dale of lost Souls -2007 LP
Horned Almighty (Den) The Devils Music LP
Impiety (Sin) Dominator -2008 12"mlp
Hypothermia/Arkha Sva (Swe/Jap) Split -2006 7"ep
Inquisition/Profane Creation (USA/Bra) Summoning The Black Dimensions...
Double LP
Insane (Ita) Wait And Pray -2006 LP
Invocation War (USA) Demonic Onslaught -2008 7"ep
Korgonthurus (Fin) Ristillä Mädäntyen -2008 PIcture7"ep
Korgonthurus/Silberbach (Fin/Ger) Salvation through despair 10"
KROHM (U.S.A.) A World Through Dead Eyes -2004 LP
Loits (Est) Ei Kahetse Midagi -2003 LP
Loits (Est) Vere Kutse Kohustab -2004 LP
Lordi (Fin) The Arockalypse -2007 DOUBLE LP
Manilla Road (USA) Voyager -2008 DOUBLE LP
Marblebog (HUn) Forestheart -2008 LP
Matricide (Swe) Holy Virgin -2007 LP
Mephisto (Ita) Tyrants Return -2007 LP
Nocturnal Breed (Nor) Triumph of the Blasphemer -2005 10"MLp
Nocturnal Breed (Nor) No surrender -1998 LP
Nocturnal Breed (Nor) Black Cult: The Demonz 96-99 -2005 LP
Night Must Fall (Fin) Dissonance Of Thought -2007 12"mlp
MOURNING BELOVETH (Ire) Dust -2008 double LP
Mortiis (Nor) Decadent And Desperate -2005 7"ep
Wolves (Ger) Wolves -2005 7"ep
Order From Chaos (USA) An Ending in Fire -1998 LP
Order From Chaos (USA) Stillbirth Machine -2008 LP
Pagan Rites (Swe) Dancing Souls -2005 7"ep
Pagan Rites/Evil Wrath (Swe/Can) Split -2008 10"MLp
Primordial (Ire) The Gathering Wilderness -2008 PICTURE DOUBLE L
REVENGE (USA) Infiltration. Downfall. Death -2008 LP
Sacrilegious Impalement (Fin) S/T -2008 10"mlp
Sargatanas (Mex) The Enlightenment -2009 DOUBLE LP
Silberbach/Moontower (Ger/Pol) Satanic March for Victory -2007 7"
Sigh (JPN) A Tribute to Venom -2008 LP+Cd
Nocturnal/Pagan Rites (Ger/Swe) Split -2008 7"ep
NunSlaughter/Bloodsick (USA/USA) Split -2008 7"ep
NunSlaughter (USA) Damned In Japan -2007 4x7"ep box
Capitis Damnare/Equinoxio (Ger/Pan) Split -2009 7"EP
Book of the Black Earth (USA) The Feast -2007 LP
Blutschrei (Fin/Fra) The Voice of Forbidden Pride -2008 LP
Beastcraft (Nor) Baptised In Blood And Goatsemen -2008 LP
Barbatos/Incriminated (Jap/Fin) Split -2007 DOUBLE 5" VINYL
Astrofaes (Ukr) Shu Nun -2008 7"EP
Anal Vomit (Peru) Depravation -2008 LP
Adorior / Witchmaster (UK/poland) Hater of fucking humans -2004
Acid King (USA) Busse Woods -2007 LP
Abysmal Grief (Ita) Hearse -2008 7"EP
WYRD (Finland) Heathen -2008 LP
WYRD (FINLAND) Huldrafolk -2007 DOUBLE LP
Xibalba (Mex) Ancients -2008 LP
Zweizz (Nor) Black Necrotic Obfuscation -2004 7"ep
Zemial (Gre) In Monumentum -2007 picture vinyl
V/A () 8 Acts of Origin -2009 LP
TSJUDER (NORWAY) Demonic Possession ----picture lp
Toil (USA) Obscure Chasms -2007 lp
Temple of Baal (Fra) Servants Of The Beast LP
Surrender of Divinity (Thai) Goatwrath Incarnation -2007 LP
Superchrist (USA) Fuck Like A Priest -2008 7"EP
Sodomizer (Bra) The Dead Shall Rise to Kill -2008 LP
Snötarar (Swe) Vredeslusta -2008 double lp
Slugathor (Fin) Fabric of the Multiverse -2000 7"EP
Skyforger (Lat) Semigalls Warchant -2005 LP
Root (Cze) Daemon Viam Invenient -2008 LP
Root (Cze) Capturing Sweden - Live in Falkenberg -2005 DOUBLE LP
Judas Iscariot (USA) Heaven in Flames -1999 cd
Necrophagia (USA) 1983~1987 (2CD Ltd. With bonus) -2007 DOUBLE CD
Nav (Rus) The Wolf Sun -2008 cd
Nav (Rus) Halls of Death -2007 cd
Nachtmystium (USA) Instinct: Decay -2006 cd
Mournful Congregation (Australia) The Monad Of Creation cd
Mortuary Drape (Ita) Into the Catachtonium -2007 cd
Mortualia (Fin) Mortualia -2007 cd
Mortem (Per) Demonios atacan Los Angeles -2007- cd
Morningstar (Fin) Finnish Metal cd
Morbid (Swe) Live in Stockholm cd
Moonsorrow (Fin) V: Hävitetty -2007 cd
MANILLA ROAD (USA) Voyager -2008 cd
Krypt (Nor) Preludes To Death -2008 cd
Kuu (Arg) Suomi or the well of impossible wishes -2008 cd
Korrozia Metalla (Rus) Vlast Zla -2008 cd
Khors (Ukr) Mysticism -2009- cd
KAUAN (Russia) Lumikuuro -2007 cd
Kroda (Ukr) Towards the Firmaments Verge of Life... -2005 cd
Kroda (Ukr) Cry to me, river cd
Raate (Fin) Halki Kuolleen Maan... -2007 cd
Puissance (Swe) State Collapse -2004 cd
Nunslaughter (USA) Hate your God -2004 CD
NunSlaughter (USA) Grehi Otza (Sins of the Father) -2008 CD
NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) Damned In Japan (Deluxe DVD w/ CD) -2008
Nuit Noire (Fra) Fantomatic Plenitude -2007 CD
Nifelheim/Vulcano (Swe/Bra) Thunder Metal - split -2007 MCD
Negura Bunget (Rom) n Crugu Bradului -2007
Negura Bunget (Rom) Om -2007 cd
Nokturnal Mortum (Ukr) Lunar Poetry -2004 cd
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (Fra) Soundtrack For A Suicide: Opus II -20
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (Fra) Reflections of a Sad Soul -2008 cd
Frostbitten Kingdom (FIN) - Obscure Visions of Chaotic Annihilat 10.00EUR
XASTHUR (USA) "Logo" TS 17.00EUR
ANXIETY (Fin) "New Logo" TS 06 17.00EUR
XASTHUR (Usa) "Logo + picture" TS 07 17.00EUR
HATESTORM (Rus) - Filth Purity - CD 2009 12.00EUR
Hellhound (Jpn) - Metal Fire From Hell CD 2009 12.00EUR
VASTATOR (Chile) - Hell Only Knows - CD 2008 12.00EUR
VARATHRON (Gre) - His Majesty At The Swamp CD 1993 12.00EUR
STRANDHOGG (POL) - Ritualistic Plague /Evangelical Death Apotheo
FURIA (POL) - Płoń mCD 2009 10.00EUR
SATHANAS (USA) - Nightrealm Apocalypse DigiCD 2009 12.00EUR
Tsjuder (NOR) - Demonic Possession CD 2002 12.00EUR
Tsjuder (NOR) - Kill for Satan CD 2000 12.00EUR
ABIGAIL (JPN) - The Early Black Years: 1992-1995 CD 2007 12.00EUR
GRAND BELIAL'S KEY (USA) - Mocking the Philanthropist CD 1997 12.00EUR
Grand Belial's Key (USA) - Kosherat CD 2005 12.00EUR
TORGEIST (Fra) - Time of Sabbath CD 2008 10.00EUR
TORGEIST (Fra) - Devoted to Satan mCD 2008 10.00EUR
VERMETH (Fra) - Suicide or Be Killed! CD 2008 12.00EUR
HAKUJA (JPN) - Legacy DigiCD 2008 12.00EUR
CELESTIA (Fra) - Frigidiis Apotheosia: AbstinenciA GenesiiS CD 2 12.00EUR
SLAVIA (NOR) - Strength and Vision DigiCD 2008 12.00EUR
ARGHOSLENT (USA) - 1990-1994: The First Three Demos CD 2008 12.00EUR
ARGHOSLENT - Galloping through the Battleruins CD 1998 12.00EUR
ARGHOSLENT (USA) - Hornets of the Pogrom CD 2008 12.00EUR
ARGHOSLENT (USA) - Hornets of the Pogrom LP 2008 15.00EUR
Mayhem (NOR) - Ashes CD 13.00EUR
Cancer (UK) - Death Shall Rise CD 12.00EUR
Cancer (UK) - To The Gory End CD 12.00EUR
Mortal Sin (Aus) Mayhemic Destruction -2007 CD 12.00EUR
Mortal Sin (Aus) Face of Despair -2007 CD 12.00EUR
KRIEG/CAINA: split ep(green vinyl) 6.50EUR
Vitsaus (FIN) Ajan ja Ihmisen Haudoilla 2009 LP 15.00EUR
Pyöveli/Wounds (Fin/Fin) Storming Thrash Vengeance -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Nocturnal Breed (Norway) The Tools of the Trade -2000 cd 12.00EUR
Nocturnal (Ger) Arrival of the Carnivore -2004 cd 12.00EUR
Nergal (Gre) The Wizard Of Nerath -2008- cd 12.00EUR
Necropsia (Chi) Die Fucking Bastard -2005 cd 12.00EUR
Nasty Savage (USA) Wage of Mayhem -2003 mcd 9.00EUR
Napalm Death (UK) Leaders Not Followers -1999 MCD 9.00EUR
Minhyriath (CH) Gondolyn -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Metuja (Fin) Hulluus Aateloi -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Metal King (Col) Arrival of the Iron Army -2004 cd 11.00EUR
Mephisto (Ita) Metal of Death -2005 cd 10.00EUR
Frost (Ger) Nefarius -2007 digicd 12.00EUR
From Beyond (Cze) Sounds Of The Grave -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Foudre Noire (Fin) The Dark Gods -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Forgotten Woods (Nor) Race of Cain cd 12.00EUR
Forgotten Woods (Nor) Race of Cain -2007 DigibookCD 15.00EUR
Forefather (UK) Steadfast -2008 cd 12.00EUR
For Ruin (Ire) December -2008 digicd 12.00EUR
Folkodia (Lit) Odes from the Past -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Folkearth (Lit) Songs of Yore -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Folkearth (Lit) Father Of Victory -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Folkearth (International) Drakkars in the Mist cd 12.00EUR
Fleshpress (Fin) Pillars -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Flesh (swe) Worship The Soul Of Disgust -2007 super jewelbox cd 12.00EUR
Flesh (swe) Dödsångest -2007 CD 12.00EUR
Fatal Violence (USA) Ashes Tell No Tales -2008 CD+DVD 13.00EUR
Fastkill (JPN) Nuclear Thrashing Attack -2007 cd 12.00EUR
FANISK (USA) Die and Become -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Fall of the Idols (Fin) The Séance -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Faded (Ita) Essences -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Extreme Noise Terror (UK) Law of Retaliation -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Exodus (USA) Impact Is Imminent cd 12.00EUR
Exhale (Sweden) Prototype cd 12.00EUR
Evil Angel (Fin) Unholy Fight For Metal -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Energy Vampires (USA) Energy Vampires -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Emperor (Nor) Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire & Demise cd 12.00EUR
Elimi (Swe) Summoned From Ashes -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Earth (Aus) Star Condemnd -2007 12.00EUR
Dødheimsgard (Nor) Supervillain Outcast -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Gorelord (Norway ) Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre (The Final Cut) - 12.00EUR
General Surgery/Butcher ABC (Swe/JPN) Split -2009 cd 12.00EUR
Gestapo 666 (Fin/Fra) Nostalgiah -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Goat Semen/Sabbat (Per/JPN) Sabbatical Goat Semen -2006 cd 12.00EUR
Goat Semen (Per) En Vivo En Lima Hell -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Isen Torr (UK) Mighty And Superior -2008 10" mlp 12.00EUR
Maniak/Rammer (Phi/Can) Steel Funeral EP 7"ep 6.00EUR
Mord (Nor) Christendom Perished -2008 LP 15.00EUR
Pagan Hellfire (Can) A Voice From Centuries Away -2008-LP 15.00EUR
Pagan Hellfire (Can) In Desolation In Ruins -2008 LP 15.00EUR
Rebaelliun (Bra) Annihilation -2001 LP 13.00EUR Lisää ostoskoriin
Satanic Prophets (Bra) Nihilistica milicia demoniaca -2008 7"ep 6.00EUR
V/A () December Songs - A Tribute to Katatonia -2006- double lp 15.00EUR
Victimised/Endwarfment (Nor/Nor) Split -2006 7"ep 5.00EUR
Victimizer/Eternal Pain/Betrayed/Farscape Four-way-split-LP 15.00EUR
Vomitory (Swe) Raped In Their Own Blood -2007 LP 13.00EUR
Vomitory (Swe) Redemption -2007- LP 13.00EUR
Warfist (Pol) HellTyrant Rising -2008 7"ep 6.50EUR
Rotting Christ (Gre) Live Mexico City 96 cd 12.00EUR
Rotting Christ (Gre) Non Serviam -2006- cd 12.00EUR
Rotting Christ (Gre) Passage to Arcturo -2006 cd 12.00EUR
Ruina (Ukr) Ukruina -2008- CD 12.00EUR
Sacred Rite (USA) Rites of Passage Vol. 2 CD 12.00EUR
Sabbat (JPN) Sabbademonical Liveslaught -2007 CD 12.00EUR
Sabbat (JPN) Live Resurrection -2004 CD 12.00EUR
Sabbat (JPN) Live 666 - Japanese Harmageddon -2007 CD 12.00EUR
Sargatanas (Mex) The Enlightenment -1999 CD 12.00EUR
Sargeist/Horned Almighty (Fin/Den) In Ruin & Despair/To The Lord 12.00EUR
Satanic Warmaster (Fin) Revelation -2007 mcd 10.00EUR
SLAYER (U.S.A.) South Of Heaven cd 11.00EUR
SLAYER (U.S.A.) Seasons In The Abyss cd 11.00EUR
Slugathor (FINLAND) Unleashing The Slugathron -2003 cd 12.00EUR
Slugathor (Fin) Circle of Death -2006 cd 12.00EUR
Slaughtered Priest (Gre) Eternal Goat Reign -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Slagmaur (Nor) Domfeldt -2008 DIGICD 13.00EUR
Skyforger (Lat) Thunderforge -2003 cd 12.00EUR
Skyforger (Lat) Semigalls Warchant -2005 12.00EUR
Lordi (Fin) The Arockalypse -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Lordi (Fin) Get Heavy -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Lordi (Fin) Deadache -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Loits (Est) Vere Kutse Kohustab -2004 cd 12.00EUR

 Post subject: Re: No Sign Of Life Label/Webshop, check it out!
PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 7:36 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:23 pm
Posts: 6
Latest Arrivals:

Cast Iron (Fin) - Button/Pin 2009 2.00EUR
Dead to this World (Nor) - First Strike for Spiritual Renewance 15.00EUR
After Death (US) - Retronomicon 2xLP 2008 20.00EUR
Deströyer 666 (Aus) - Terror Abraxas MCD 2003 10.00EUR
Sabbat (Jpn) - Karmagmassacre CD 2003 12.00EUR
Flame (Fin) - Into The Age Of Fire CD 2005 12.00EUR
METALUCIFER (JPN/ger) Heavy Metal Bulldozer (German Version) LP
Metalucifer (JPN) - Heavy Metal Drill LP 2009 15.00EUR
Metalucifer (JPN/Ger) - Heavy Metal Chainsaw CD 2001 12.00EUR
Metalucifer (JPN/Ger) - Heavy Metal Bulldozer CD 2009 12.00EUR
Karnarium (Swe) - Karnarium LP 2009 15.00EUR
Doomraiser (Ita) - Lords of Mercy CD 2006 12.00EUR
Front Beast/Mephisto (Ger/Ita) - In League with Evil Metal CD 20 12.00EUR
Mystifier "Baphometic Goat Worship" 6 x LP Boxset 80.00EUR
Toxik (USA) - Think this CD 2006 12.00EUR
Toxik (USA) - World circus CD 2006 12.00EUR
Pestilence (Ned) - Mallevs maleficarvm + Demos CD 1998 12.00EUR
Officium Triste (Ned) - Charcoal hearts - 15 years of Hurt CD 2 12.00EUR
Manegarm (Swe) - Vredens tid CD 2005 10.00EUR
Manegarm (Swe) Urminnes havd - The forest sessions MCD 2006 8.00EUR
Equimanthorn (USA) - Second sephira cella CD 2004 12.00EUR
Equimanthorn (USA) - Exalted are the seven throne bearers og Nin 12.00EUR Lisää ostoskoriin
Dying Fetus (USA) Killing on adrenaline CD 2008 14.00EUR
Stygian Shore (US) - The Shore Will Arise CD 2007 12.00EUR
Stumm (Fin) - I CD 2006 12.00EUR
Striborg (Aus) - Solitude CD 2008 12.00EUR
Striborg (Aus) - Nocturnal Emissions - Nyctophobia CD 2003 12.00EUR
Striborg (Aus) In the Heart of the Rainforest / Through the Fore 12.00EUR Lisää ostoskoriin
Striborg (Aus) - Ghostwoodlands CD 2007 12.00EUR
Woods of Infinity (Swe) - Hamptjärn CD 2007 12.00EUR
Snötårar (Swe) - Vredeslusta CD 2007 12.00EUR
Smaga (Rus) - My Lands MCD 2008 9.00EUR
Skitzo (USA) - Mosh till Vomit 2xCD 2008 15.00EUR
Shining (Swe) - IV - The Eerie Cold A5DigiCD 15.00EUR
Sergey Mavrin (Rus) Revelation CD 2006 12.00EUR
Sergey Mavrin (Rus) Live CD 2007 13.00EUR
Sergey Mavrin (Rus) Fortuna CD 2007 12.00EUR
Prevalent Resistance (Fin) - To Live Again and Dominate CD 2007 12.00EUR Lisää ostoskoriin
Prevalent Resistance (Fin) - Dynamics of Creation CD 2005 12.00EUR
Ohtar - Human Fuel of Death CD 2007 12.00EUR
Meads of Asphodel (UK) Planet Genocide -2007 CD 12.00EUR
Master (Rus) - Songs Of The Dead CD 1996 12.00EUR
Master (Rus) - Po Tu Storonu Sna CD 2006 12.00EUR
Master (Rus) - Labyrinth CD 2001 12.00EUR
Masacre (Col) - Sacro CD 1995 12.00EUR
Masacre (Col) - Colombia... imperio del terror / Cancer de nuest 12.00EUR
Martyrvore (USA) Possessed by Mayhemic Slaughter -2007 CD 12.00EUR
Korrozia Metalla (Rus) Radostnaja jizn CD 2003 12.00EUR
Grenade (Aus) - The Howling Damned CD 2007 12.00EUR
Virus (Nor) Carheart -2003 cd 12.00EUR
Victimizer (denmark) The Final Assault -2007 cd 12.00EUR
Victimizer (denmark) Rapid Thrashing Violence -2007 cd 10.00EUR
Urgehal (Nor) Atomkinder -2006 cd 12.00EUR
Tumulus (Rus) Kochevonov Pljas -2008 mcd 9.00EUR
Totenburg/Menneskerhat (Ger/Aut) Waffenbrüder -2006-cd 12.00EUR
Totalselfhatred (Fin) Totalselfhatred -2008 cd 12.00EUR
Sabbat (JPN) - Thailand Demonslaught CD 2009 12.00EUR
BESTIAL MOCKERY (Swe) - Sepulchral Wrath CD 2009 12.00EUR
BESTIAL MOCKERY (Swe) - The Unholy Trinity CD 2007 12.00EUR
Front Beast (Ger)/Har Satan(Ger) - Split 7" EP 6.00EUR
Front Beast(Ger)/Inferno(Cze) - Split 7" EP 6.00EUR
Front Beast(Ger)/Thy Ashes(Ger) - Split 7" EP 6.00EUR
GoatPenis (Bra) - Welt In Flammen CD 2009 12.00EUR
Sol Axis (Ire) - ...To Mark the Ages CD 2008 12.00EUR
Legion 88 (Fra) - Legion Francaise CD 2009 12.00EUR
Decay (Fin) - Mutilating ... Gutting CD 2002 12.00EUR
Dawn of Relic (Fin) - Night on Earth CD 2005 12.00EUR
Dagon (US) - In Desolationem Per Nefandum CD 2008 12.00EUR
Cacodaemon (Fin) - Tales of Demoncy CD 2007 10.00EUR
Autumn Verses (Fin) Tunes Of Disconsolation 1997 CD 10.00EUR
Arkona (Pol) Raw Years 1993-95 2005 CD 12.00EUR
Apolion (Ita) Hungry Of Souls 2007 CD 10.00EUR
Altar of Oblivion (Den) The Shadow Era CD 2007 10.00EUR
ACRAL NECROSIS (UK) - Eternal Nuclear Violation Mcd 2007 9.00EUR
Abominattion (Bra) - Doutrine of False Martyr CD 2004 12.00EUR
V/A Shock Rock Hellions - A Tribute to WASP CD 2009 12.00EUR
Blood Thirsty Demons (Ita) - Occultum Lapidem CD 2009 12.00EUR
Secrets of the Moon (Ger) - Button/pin 2.00EUR
Arckanum (Swe) - Button/pin 2.00EUR
Craft (Swe) - Button/pin 2.00EUR
Drowning the Light (Aus) - Button 2.00EUR
Bloodhammer: Passion For The Devil t-shirt 17.00EUR
Poccolus (LIT) - Ragana CD 2009 12.00EUR
Esoteric (UK) - The Pernicious Enigma 2xCD 1997 15.00EUR
Esoteric (UK) - Epistemological Despondency 2xCD 15.00EUR
Nefandus: Death Holy Death CD 13.00EUR
Behexen: Embroided patch 5.00EUR
Baptism: embroided patch 5.00EUR
Mayhem (Nor) - War and Sodomy - Live in Zeits 1990 CD 12.00EUR
Impaled Nazarene/Beherit - A Day of Darkness - live 1991 CD 12.00EUR
Barbatos (JPN) - Live at Factory CD 2009 12.00EUR
Devastator (USA) - The Summoning CD 2009 12.00EUR
Dark Space (CH) - II CD 2006

 Post subject: Re: No Sign Of Life Label/Webshop, check it out!
PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:54 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:23 pm
Posts: 6
Latest additions:

Horna - Sanojesi Äärelle 2xLP 2008 22.00EUR
Totalselfhatred (Fin) - Totalselfhatred LP 2009 15.00EUR
Comando Caveira (Bra) - ataque terrorista CD 2008 12.00EUR
Patria Armada (Bra) - Genocidio Urbano CD 2008 12.00EUR
Hirax - Assassins of War MCD 2007 10.00EUR
Hirax (USA) - Thrash & Destroy DVD + CD 2008 17.00EUR
Empty (Esp) - The House of Funerary Hymns LP 2009 15.00EUR
Empty (Esp) - The House of Funerary Hymns CD 2009 12.00EUR
Stormheit (Fin) - Caelic Weold Finnum CD 2009 12.00EUR
Stormheit (Fin) - Kvenland CD 2009 12.00EUR
Selbstmord (Pol) - Dawn of a New Era CD 2009 12.00EUR
Godless North (Can) - Fimbulvetr 2xCD 2009 15.00EUR
Faustcoven (Nor) - The Priest's Command CD 2009 12.00EUR
Absu (US) - The Sun of Tiphareth CD 1995 12.00EUR
Borknagar (Nor) - Origin CD 2006 12.00EUR
Maniac Butcher - Lucan-Antikrist CD 1996 12.00EUR
Entombed - Wolverine Blues CD 1993 12.00EUR
Cryptopsy - And Then You'll Beg CD 2000 12.00EUR
Dorsal Atlântica (Bra) - Antes do Fim, Depois do Fim CD 2005 12.00EUR
Lordi (Fin) - The Monster Show CD 2005 12.00EUR
Death - Individual Thought Patterns CD 1993 12.00EUR
Urn/Decayed: Split CD 2004 12.00EUR
Cathedral (uk) - The Ethereal Mirror CD 1993 12.00EUR
Korpiklaani (Fin) - Voice of Wilderness CD 2005 12.00EUR
Old Man's Child - Vermin CD 2005 12.00EUR
Old Man's Child - The Pagan Prosperity CD 1997 12.00EUR
Old Man's Child - Born Of The Flickering CD 1995 12.00EUR
Gestos Grosseiros (Bra) - Countdown to Kill CD 2007 12.00EUR
Ocultan (Bra) - Regnum Infernalis CD 2008 12.00EUR
In Aeternum (Swe) - Past and Present Sins CD 2001 12.00EUR
In Aeternum (Swe) - Nuclear Armageddon CD 2003 12.00EUR
In Aeternum (Swe) - Dawn of a New Aeon CD 2005 12.00EUR
Nokturnal Mortum (Ukr) - To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire CD 199 12.00EUR
Vobiscum Inferni (Bra) - Ordo Sinistrari Et Cultus Pentaculum Sa 12.00EUR
Mystifier (Bra) - Wicca 2xLP 2002 20.00EUR
Ocultan (Bra) - Lords of Evil... LP 2002 15.00EUR
Sovereign (Bra) - In the Influence of Mars LP 2001 15.00EUR
Sovereign (Bra) - The Wolf LP 2002 15.00EUR
Sovereign (Bra) - Dimension of Torment LP 2003 S 15.00EUR

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