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 Post subject: Slechtvalk
PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 4:40 pm 
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ImageEpic Fantasy Battle Metal, Melodic/Symphonic Hymnic Black Metal, Folkish/Viking MetalImage

Nastao 1997. u Nizozemskoj, Shamgar je sam napravio prvi album "Falconry", ubrzo se kompletirao sa stalnim članovima;

Shamgar - Screams, guitars
Nath - Bass
Ohtar - Guitars, clean vocals and grunts
Fionnghuala - Vocal Chords
Grimbold - Drums, Grunts, Sjofar
Hydrith - Synth
Meallá - Dancer

i solidan album "The War That Plagues The Land" je nastao nakon kojeg slijedi veličanstveni DVD "Upon The Fields Of Battle", killer single "Thunder Of War" i odličan CD "At The Dawn Of War" sa dodatnim glazbenicima;

Ulvian (guitar/add. vocals)
Choir: Fionnghuala, Othar, Mick Boogerd, Renske van Dijken, Rob Kikkert, Jos
Lucas and Patricia Lucas.

Proglašen jednim od najboljih nizozemskih dark/black bendova, uspoređivan kao dobar mix Dimmu Borgira, Dark Funerala, Summoninga, Dark Fortressa i nekih folk/viking black bendova.


Slechtvalk - Upon the Fields of Battle DVD
***melodic epic battle black/dark metal***
Price: €20

Live show:
01. Intro
02. Thunder Of War
03. Of Slumber And Death
04. War Of The Ancients
05. Under A Moonlit Sky
06. Call To Arms
07. Whispers In The Dark
08. Desertion
09. Besieged
10. In Paradisum
11. Cries Of The Haunted

- Behind the scenes
- Videoclip "Thunder of War"
- Photo Gallery

Total Running Time: 1:15 hr


Live @ YouTube: ... ed&search=

Video spot, single Thunder of War @ YouTube: ... ed&search=

Profesionalno i dinamično snimano, odličan zvuk i slika, behind the scenes, photo albums, video spot, credits..

Live show: započinje mističnim introm; ženski pozadinski vokali, grmljavina, kiša i sl. a na stageu uživo njihova plesačica Mealla izvodi neki performans sa mačevima. Zatim se sve normalno nastavlja, dobro izabrane pjesme pred nešto više od 400 odanih ludih fanova. Odjeveni u neku svoju šumsku odjeću, fratarske tunike, ofarbani u zelenkasto itd. s mačevima i sjekirama... Energično i emotivno...

Shamgar - gitara, black vokali
Ohtar - gitara, clean vokali, growl vokali, naracija
Fionnghuala - soprano vokali
Nath - bass
Grimbold - bubnjevi
Hydrith - klavijature
Ulvian - gitara
Meallá - plesačica

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 7:13 pm 
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Prije nekog vremena mi je netko bio poslao Thunder of war stvar, i ostadoh totalno oduševljena. :D

Izuzev toga sam apsolutno neinformirana. :lol:

Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 2:41 pm 
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Solveig wrote:







Sve što trebaš je kupiti njihov predivan DVD "Upon The Fields Of Battle" :cool:

Nevjerojatno kako je bend slabo poznat a DVD sniman tako profesionalno i zanimljivo, lipa oštra slika, odličan zvuk, jedinstven scenski nastup... Mealla u to vrijeme trudna pleše s mačevima, ne plastičnim nego pravim pravcatim oštrim i spremnim za bitku 8)

Riječ Slechtvalk = falcon = sokol

'The War That Plagues The Lands' CD:

Powerplay Magazine:
…For once, here is an epic black metal band who - rather than mess around with over brutal arrangements, orchestras and prog rock stylings - simply concentrate on writing tight, focused and highly enjoyable songs…
8/10(Mark Freestone / United Kingdom)

Vampire Magazine:
…Shamgar rasps on this album like a raven from Norway's darkest forests; what a throat! This is one of the advantages the band has on many other bands from the genre; the musicians are very good, yet they play not over the top; they play for the sake of the composition…
(John Notten / Holland)

...Dark and black metal fans that like emotion, melody and grimness: this album was made for you. You can love them and you can hate them, but Slechtvalk will continue their haunt for your dark soul… they already have mine…
8/10(Pieke / Holland)

A Falcon's Tale...


They are loved, they are hated: Slechtvalk. When we take the reviews from all over the world serious, Slechtvalk is one of the most promising Dutch dark/black metal bands of the moment. Named after the fast and bloodthirsty bird of prey, the band knows how to give a recognizable sound to their music. Slechtvalk combines the bombastic parts of Dimmu Borgir with the venomish parts of Dark Funeral, but has also the catchy parts of the old After Forever. A strong mix that convinces both friend and enemy.

Slechtvalk's debut album "Falconry" was released in 2000 by the Dutch label Fear Dark. At that time Slechtvalk was still an one-man project of vocalist/guitarist Shamgar. The mix of dark and black metal was received very well and a lot magazines, including Aardschok, did an interview with Slechtvalk. Because of that Slechtvalk became known as a leading band in the Dutch dark/black metal scene. This hasn't changed since that time.

Shamgar took advantage of his reputation and tried to form a real band. He succeeded with this and in 2002 they visited the Mailmen Studio in Holland to record their next album. As a teaser they released a split-cd with the well-known progressive black metalband Kekal from Indonesia. Both bands presented 4 songs, including a cover. The split-cd was received very well and at the end of 2002 the new album 'The War That Plagues The Lands', with stunning artwork of the well-known Belgian artist Kris Verwimp (Marduk, Immortal, Absu), was released.

This album was also received worldwide with lots of enthusiasm and Slechtvalk got a lot of interviews in magazines worldwide. Within 3 weeks 'The War That Plagues The Lands' reached a number-2 position in the Lowlands Top-50. In March 2003 Slechtvalk toured through Europe for the first time and played at festivals and for sold-out venues in Germany, Sweden and ofcourse The Netherlands. In the beginning of 2004 the band played for hundreds enthusiastic fans in Switzerland.

The succes in Europe was expanded to Asia. The Asian label Sonnengot Music released the album 'The War That Plagues The Lands' for the Asian market. And for the Eastern Europian market the album was released by HROM Records from Slovakia. To expand their strong position in The Netherlands and Belgium, Slechtvalk is touring the clubcircuit with Serenade of Darkness as support-act. At the same time plans are coming together for the successor of 'The War That Plagues The Lands'. The story continues...

Single 'At the dawn of war':

Viking metal, as ENSLAVED front man Kjellson might describe it, is a form of metal that incorporates many styles of music to create a type of music consistent with the wild nature, heroic actions, and pagan beliefs of the Norse. Because SLECHTVALK hails from Holland, Germanic war metal is a more appropriate tag. Whatever you choose to call it, Thunder of War is a quality European metal album. With the opening track �Thunder of War,� SLECHTVALK hits the fortress in full stride, blasting away with battle-ramming drums and high-pitch black metal riffs, ala NAGLFAR. Speed takes a break for clean, bard-like male vocals and operatic female vocal choruses played to the tune of a valiant guitar and drum gallop. These cleanly-sung vocal parts conjure up images of minstrels traveling the countryside singing epic tales of heroism. The next track begins with an upbeat piano passage, which leads the way for more blasting black metal. Again, the Dutch band slows down in favor for more epic choruses.

With Thunder of War, SLECHTVALK has issued a release with fantastic material for fans of the black metal and the melodic death metal genres. If you are a fan of role-playing games and/or fantasy literature and have not checked out this type of music, this band is a good place to start. Fans of FORLORN, ENSLAVED, OLD MAN�S CHILD, and NAGLFAR really should latch onto this band.


Falconry -Full-length, 2000
Chaos & Warfare -Split, 2002
The War That Plagues The Lands -Full-length, 2002
Upon the Fields of Battle -DVD, 2005
At the Dawn of War -Full-length, 2005
Thunder of War -Single, 2005

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